Waste Management

Solid waste management:

For collecting the solid waste from nook
and corner of the campus substantial number of dustbins are
installed. Most of the waste collected is biodegradable. The
minimal amount of non biodegradable is mostly burnt in pits. The
biodegradable portion too is dumped in pits for decomposition over
time. The solid biodegradable waste collected from the parks, play
field after use of lawn mower and bush cutter is collected and
dumped for decomposition to be used as a source of bio fertilizer.
During the autumn season a large quantity of fallen dry leaves are
collected and dumped to decompose for manure.
Liquid waste:

All the liquid waste from washroom, bathroom is
Collected into soakage pits through systematic drainage. Zero
Percent leakage of waste water is ensured.
E- Waste management: The College has minimum e-waste. The waste if
any is sold to vendors for recycling.

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