DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS


Sri DNR Government Degree College for Women ,Palakol was established in the year 1982 with B.Com and B.A(HEP) to cater to the needs of the women in and around Palakol.

  Later B.Sc. course was introduced in the year 2001 with Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science combination as self finance Course. Thus the Department of Mathematics was established in the Year 2001.

 From the Academic Year 2007-2008, B.Sc. group with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Combination was introduced. With this introduction the workload of the Department has mounted up to 28 periods per week.

 The following faculty has worked in the Mathematics Department

1) Sri V.Prasad  M.Sc.(2001-2002)

2) Sri. K.C .Tammi Raju M.Sc.(2002-2006)

3) Smt.K.Parameswari   M.Sc.(2002-2017)

4) Sri K.Lalitha (2018-2020)

5) Dr.A.Satyanarayana M.Sc.,Ph.D(2021 onwards)

6) Sri K.Anjali M.Sc.,(2022 onward