Gender Sensitivity


The Institute believes in gender equality and makes effort towards
Gender sensitization. It believes that educated girls are an asset
not only for the college and family but also for the whole
Women Empowerment Cell is led by a senior faculty. It is a
good and healthy sign of academic work place that no
pronounced complaint has been lodged by any girl student.
Various moral and religious lectures from time to time, by
scholars play a pivotal role in controlling any type of
deviant behavior.
Counseling: The female faculty in particular are advised to
counsel girl students in class, library, common room to
educate about sexual harassment either collectively or
individually. The teachers are further instructed to counsel
in cordial and cooperative manner so that senses of
belonging and loving care prevail among the student. For
personal hygiene awareness, lady doctors are invited to
interact with students .There is no report of ragging in the
campus as it seems that the concept of ragging is completely
erased from the minds of students. The ragging now is deemed
historical and archived practice.
Common Room: The College has a common room where first aid
facility is provided.